Free ACC

Free ACC for ALL Patients.

Free Kids under 6

Free Enrolled Patient under Age 13.

Free Consult

Free First Consult for Enrolled Patient.

Testing Centre

Testing Centre for COVID-19.


LifeLine Medical Center

  • Free ACC
  • Free Kids Under 6
  • Free Enrolled Patient Under Age 13
  • Free Frist Consult for Enrolled Patient

In the heart of South Auckland, a compassionate team welcomes you. Serving community is our passion. Meet our highly trained and professional team of doctors and nurses, who are always ready to serve you.

We are Among the best Medical care centers of the town.

Lifeline medical clinic is a well-equipped medical centre, where will deal with all medical emergencies. We also welcome you for your regular annual diabetic and cardiac check.

We are the designated centre for COVID swab, from Ministry of health.

Our Medical Services

We offer a large range of medical services to ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to your health

Women Health

We provide high standards of care to women of our community. Our services include maternity care, pre-conception counselling, contraception advice including long-term contraception, free Cervical smear, mammogram referral and other complex gynaecological issues.

Child & Adolescence Health

Tender and loving care to our Tamariki is provide by highly trained and professional team of doctors. Services include immunization,6-week check, pre-school check, behavioural and developmental assessment. Professional advice on pre-pubertal and pubertal milestones.

Men's Health

Our trained professional is expert in addressing men's health including cardiovascular problems, diabetic management, prostate check and advice on erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Health

Gain professional advice on your sexual health, with confidentiality and trust. We have a specialist GP on site, who can address the gender-identity issue.

Aged Care

We provide affectionate and loving care to our, aged community. Memory check, bone care, regular blood pressure monitoring at the core of our services

Chronic Care Management

We have experts who can deal with chronic health issue including diabetes, respiratory problems, and longstanding kidney problem. We are trained and open to discuss the advance care plane. Please ask the doctor about it and get one done for your self.

Mental health

Your mental health is vital for your physical health. Our staff is trained to talk about sensitive issues like depression, anxiety, suicidality, post-natal depression. We do refer for counselling to trained psychologists.

Minor Procedure

We do all sorts of minor Surgeries. Our immediate care clinic can perform minor surgical procedures as a typical hospital ER like stitches, skin abnormality removal and more.

Skin Check

We offer mole check under polarised and non-polarised dermo-scope and also offer minor surgery for skin lesion.

IV Infusions

We provide services for IV aclasta ( for Osteoprosis), Iron infusion, IV antibiotics and IV vitamin C infusions.

Acute Care

We deal with all acute emergencies including fracture, head injury and free ACC makes it feasible for you when you are injured.

Health Promotion

We offer smoking cessation medication, and also deal with weight related issue like (overweight).

Contact Us

463 Great South Road, Otahuhu.
P.O. Box 1620

09 276 2822